Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Alexandra Harbour and I take pictures. Of everything. Obsessively. 

Photography is my world. Rather, it’s how I learn about the world. I use photography as a way to understand and appreciate the things I find meaningful in life. Sometimes that’s people: families, couples, newborns. Sometimes landscapes. Sometimes food. Inspiration is everywhere and when it strikes I will literally risk my life to get the shot (I have some stories…). That’s why when people ask: “what kind of photography do you do?” I struggle to pick one answer. 

My philosophy on photography lends itself to a very raw style. I aim for relaxed, candid portraits. I edit my photos very minimally with the intention of creating a photograph that accurately portrays the scene how I remember it. I strive for photographs that are authentic as well as aesthetically strong.

If you like my photos and want to be in some, I want to get to know you! Head on over to the contact page and let’s chat!